Max Rayner

Back named Max Rayner as one of "top 30 movers and shakers in the online travel sector. These are the executives shaping investment, acquisitions, trends and innovation in the online travel industry" (
Prior to joining Hudson Crossing, Max served as TravelClick’s Senior Vice President of Product Engineering & General Manager for Reservations Solutions. Max was recruited to lead the company’s core product development and business unit focused on hotel distribution and SaaS e-commerce solutions which process over 5.5 Million yearly bookings, driving over $2.1 Billion in hotel revenue.

Mr. Rayner also served as Chief Technology Officer at Travelzoo, the world’s leading internet publisher of travel deals, with operations spanning over a dozen countries. Max led Travelzoo’s Engineering, Product Development and IT and was responsible for both internal and customer facing technology, including engineering and service delivery for web, email, syndicated, and search-based offerings.

At Travelzoo, Mr. Rayner has been responsible for a number of innovative product introductions including mash-ups such as Travelzoo’s Deal Locator, new versions of Travelzoo’s SuperSearch™, and most notably™, lauded by travel experts and recognized in the New York Times for a variety of ground breaking meta-search features that beat Kayak, TripAdvisor, and Bing Travel in a number of areas.

Previously, as Executive Vice President of Products & Services and Chief Information Officer at information security provider SurfControl, Max was responsible for SurfControl's R&D and Product Engineering teams, as well as external service delivery, including internet Threat Intelligence Research, Technical Support, On-Demand Services, Information Technology, and Customer Advocacy.

Prior to SurfControl, Max was Vice President of Systems Architecture at At Salesforce, Max led the complete re-architecture and successful re-engineering of's award-winning, on-demand customer relationship management service to enable open platform computing. To this day, makes its world-leading Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings available through the infrastructure designed and implemented by Max’s team.

Prior to, Max headed Sun Microsystems' global datacenters and infrastructure, Internet engineering, and ERP/e-commerce application delivery. At Sun Microsystems, Max also led the project to transform disconnected ERP, CRM, sales, manufacturing and supply-chain data into state-of-the-art global data warehousing and revenue-through-margin business intelligence systems.

Max is a global citizen, born in Africa, and educated in Europe and the United States. He attended Phillips Exeter Academy, graduated Cum Laude and went on to win the Kemeny Computing Prize at Dartmouth College. Upon receiving his M.B.A. in Finance from UCLA, Max worked as an international management consultant helping Procter & Gamble enter the Brazilian market. Max has a history of civic involvement, including work as a Principal Consultant with the California State Legislature on issues such as digital security, global trade, high-tech infrastructure reform, electronic commerce, equitable property tax revenue distribution, and environmental protection.