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Posted by | August 18, 2020
Expedia Veteran Abhijit Pal Joins Hudson Crossing

Leading Travel Industry Consultancy Marks 13th Anniversary with High-Profile Addition New York, NY August 20, 2020 – Hudson Crossing LLC, travel and hospitality’s premier business strategy consultancy, welcomes Senior Consultant...

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Posted by | September 20, 2018
Looking to raise the bar – Hudson Crossing careers

Summary As a Hudson Crossing principal, you’ll assure delivery of successful client engagements while building client relationships that are deep, trusted and ongoing sources of profitable growth for the clients...

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Posted by | April 2, 2017
Emerging Media and xR Issues for Hotels

An explosion in visual content is already overwhelming, and soon we'll enter the xR “boss” level: voice I/O & virtual, augmented and mixed reality In case you’ve been too busy...

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Posted by | February 28, 2017
Travel Guru Philip Wolf Joins Hudson Crossing

Hudson Crossing partners and Philip Wolf (center) Travel Industry Consultancy Marks 10th Anniversary with High-profile Hire New York, NY Feb. 28, 2017 – Hudson Crossing LLC, travel, tourism and hospitality’s...

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Posted by | November 6, 2016
Toward a Marketing and Analytics Capability-Maturity Model

Marketing is undergoing a transition that bears some similarity to what happened to IT as software became more central to enterprise success It’s probably high time to require Marketing to...

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Posted by | September 1, 2016
Platforms to Optimize Digital Marketing

A sea of choices, but not for everybody  Not only are there quite a lot of platforms laying claim to digital marketing optimization, but jargon is often layered so thick...

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Posted by | April 11, 2016
Content Creation Strategy – Mobile Takes It Beyond SEO

Over fifty years ago Marshall McLuhan suggested that “the medium is the message” in his book Understanding Media. This is especially true now when comparing media such as a mouse...

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Posted by | January 28, 2016
TripAdvisor ® Instant Booking… Revulsion or Revolution?

Speaking of revolution, in 1902 Vladimir Ilyich Lenin published “What Is to Be Done? Burning Questions of Our Movement”.  It was intended in part to mark the end of one...

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Posted by | October 15, 2015
Hospitality Demand Generation Trends & Opportunity Costs

Summary of article published in Hospitality Upgrade - Fall 2015: Much is made of love-hate between hotels and online travel agencies, but what really are the opportunity costs around putting “heads...

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Posted by | July 9, 2015
Hospitality Demand Generation – From Feature To Core

Summary of article published in -- July 2015 Demand generation has always been important to hotels, why else have sales departments?  But lately it has gone from a function...

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