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Hudson Crossing partners and Philip Wolf (center)

Hudson Crossing partners and Philip Wolf (center)

Travel Industry Consultancy Marks 10th Anniversa...

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Toward a Marketing and Analytics Capability-Maturity Model

Marketing is undergoing a transition that bears some similarity to what happened to IT as software became more central to enterprise success

It’s probably high time to require Marketing to meet quality, reliability, and predictability “industrial strength” standards.  Manufacturing and IT went through this transition first, but it’s Marketing’s turn:  when you’re spending rivers of money at “Internet scale”, creativity alone is not just insufficient, it’s dangerous.

Just as IT’s early days were full of promise and led to sudden budget increases and ambitious transformational projects, the advent of digital marketing has led to vast increases in marketing & distribution budgets and matching ambitious projects.

What happened to IT, of course, was that in the 1980’s it beca...

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Platforms to Optimize Digital Marketing

A sea of choices, but not for everybody 

Not only are there quite a lot of platforms laying claim to digital marketing optimization, but jargon is often layered so thick that it’s hard to tell which does what.
Ad tech - Content Tech - Marketing Tech

At the highest level it may be helpful to think of the space we’re looking at as a Venn di...

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Content Creation Strategy – Mobile Takes It Beyond SEO

Understanding MediaOver fifty years ago Marshall McLuhan suggested that “the medium is the message” in his book Understanding Media.

This is especially true now when comparing media such as a mouse operated computer screen to a tablet’s touch interface to a smart phone...

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Alaska Air buys Virgin America, and Gets a Winner

Alaska bought Virgin today, and for this ex-VX exec (I left forever ago in 2008), it is a day filled with many emotions.  I’m sorry to see the Virgin brand go (and it *will* go, make no mistake — Alaska won’t keep it and the 0.7% licensing fee it would owe for the Virgin brand), but I know it was the right thing to do for Virgin America.  I know my former teammates won’t want to read that, but in the long haul they likely would have encountered much tougher times.  Here’s why.

Virgin simply *had* to take this deal

Virgin’s large investors (congrats Cyrus Capital!) just escaped with a massive haul.  $2.6B, given Virgin’s current position and future prospects, is something that you don’t walk away from.  Think about it.  Virgin owns virtually nothing tangible.  They own o...

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