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Attribute Based Shopping

What does attribute-based shopping (ABS) mean for hotels?

Two modes of shopping commonly carry the name attribute based shopping (ABS). In the older form, widely used today, a consumer begins by choosing a hotel and stay dates and receives a list of rates. These rates correspond to combinations of room types and rate plans and each combination has a price. Both the room type and the rate plan for each combination have attributes. For example, a room type might have attributes like the bedding, max guest capacity or whether it has a view or a balcony.  Rate plans have attributes like cancellation policies or whether they include certain features like meals or prepaid Wi-Fi. Customers are not searching for those specific attributes, rather they’re filtering what’s been retrieved to find the best specific ro...

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Emerging Media and xR Issues for Hotels

An explosion in visual content is already overwhelming, and soon we’ll enter the xR “boss” level: voice I/O & virtual, augmented and mixed reality

In case you’ve been too busy to pay attention to the structure of video games, let me first say that “boss level” has nothing to do with higher floors where senior executive hang out in your chain’s headquarters.

“Boss level” or “boss battle” is the higher level of difficulty fight against a much tougher opponent which you can only reach in a video game after you’d overcome basic opponents and hurdles.

The analogy here is that hotels need to solve the basics of handling the issues around user generated content and UGC with images, then video and live contentRead More


Hudson Crossing partners and Philip Wolf (center)

Hudson Crossing partners and Philip Wolf (center)

Travel Industry Consultancy Marks 10th Anniversa...

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Toward a Marketing and Analytics Capability-Maturity Model

Marketing is undergoing a transition that bears some similarity to what happened to IT as software became more central to enterprise success

It’s probably high time to require Marketing to meet quality, reliability, and predictability “industrial strength” standards.  Manufacturing and IT went through this transition first, but it’s Marketing’s turn:  when you’re spending rivers of money at “Internet scale”, creativity alone is not just insufficient, it’s dangerous.

Just as IT’s early days were full of promise and led to sudden budget increases and ambitious transformational projects, the advent of digital marketing has led to vast increases in marketing & distribution budgets and matching ambitious projects.

What happened to IT, of course, was that in the 1980’s it beca...

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Platforms to Optimize Digital Marketing

A sea of choices, but not for everybody 

Not only are there quite a lot of platforms laying claim to digital marketing optimization, but jargon is often layered so thick that it’s hard to tell which does what.
Ad tech - Content Tech - Marketing Tech

At the highest level it may be helpful to think of the space we’re looking at as a Venn di...

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