Hudson Crossing is a strategy and execution advisory firm devoted to helping clients raise the financial performance of their assets in industries ranging from travel and hospitality to financial services and technology. Through the execution of bold ideas, Hudson Crossing's team of experienced operators bridges the gap between plan and performance, helping clients to achieve growth through innovation and by translating strategy into outcome.

  • What we do

    • Provide a complete spectrum of strategic advisory and execution services that address every business challenge our clients face: startup launches, capital needs, strategic innovation, new product introduction, product management, new market entry, program management, technical and scaling challenges, course corrections and turnarounds.
    • Generate incremental revenues and increased profitability for clients by leveraging decades of success in operating roles and key industry relationships as part of our business development services.
    • Deliver advice that is practical, data driven and supported by unique insights from our deep relationships with clients, leading innovators and market intelligence sources.
  • How we do it

    • Use a highly collaborative approach to unlock the full potential of the client/partner relationship and drive sustainable growth.
    • Access an extensive network of subject matter experts to bring together the right relationships and skill sets to deliver the right solution.
    • Understand the business and technology drivers of success for our clients.
    • Bring years of firsthand experience which enable us to engage quickly with minimal learning curve delays
  • Why we are different

    • Believe that innovation comes from the bridging of bold business ideas into execution.
    • Build and retain long term industry relationships based on trust and performance.
    • Advocate that business strategy, brand, and user experience should drive technology and product design decisions, not vice-versa.