Case Study

Media & Deal Publishing


  • Challenge

    The client was under strategic assault by meta-search players, which were rapidly developing their own advertising platforms.

    The client needed to know whether to meet the competitive threat head-on by developing its own entry in the meta search space.

  • Solution

    Hudson Crossing worked closely with the client to develop the business and technology models for a new meta-search offering that included market leading innovations and a clear path to growth and profitability.

    Additionally, Hudson Crossing leveraged its extensive industry connections to cut through red tape, make critical introductions, and ensure completion of all needed business development partnerships and commercial agreements to put the solution in flight.

  • Outcome

    A new meta search solution was delivered and in operation in less than one year, combining the best features of existing meta players with additional unique features such as 90 day price calendars for specified trip lengths, showcasing multiple OTAs, displaying coach and first class fares in a single search, and additional methods for airlines to differentiate themselves.

    Lauded in the New York Times, this meta solution has rapidly become a favorite of travel pros and a trusted Web site for both consumers and airlines.