Case Study

Hotel Chains & Independents


  • Challenge

    The client was considering the strategic implications of further expanding their travel related brands to include hospitality: (1) should the client expand their brand into hospitality at this time? and (2) should the client partner we with an existing hospitality brand or go it alone?

    Once the client decided to launch a hotel brand, the client then required help in assessing whether the essential elements of their brand experience could be implemented in a real hospitality environment and, if so, specifically how would this be done.

  • Solution

    Hudson Crossing helped the client work through the relevant issues in deciding how to launch the brand including marketing, distribution, technology and operations.

    Once the client made the decision to move forward, Hudson Crossing helped design an execution plan that included supervising the selection process of all distribution and technology partners.

  • Outcome

    The resulting set of initial and follow-on recommendations have formed the basis for the implementation of the client’s new hospitality program.

    An exciting and truly ambitious new hospitality brand will be putting “heads in beds” globally within the next two years.