Case Study

Private Equity & Venture Capital


  • Challenge

    The client was contemplating a major private equity investment in a leading hospitality technology provider.

    A traditional consultancy had provided high level econometric analysis including modeling the impact of the world economy on the target company’s performance

    What the client needed was actionable advice on how to segment customers better, go to market more efficiently, fix existing products and build or buy others for new sources of growth, and positively transform their acquisition.

  • Solution

    Hudson Crossing reviewed the entire product line of the target company to validate due diligence efforts, provided a market assessment with the company’s place and potential versus competitors, surveyed customers, industry experts and former employees to provide additional considerations for the acquisition.

    Hudson Crossing then synthesized its findings into a strategy for growth and increased profitability and recommended specific product and marketing actions to get there.

  • Outcome

    The company has outperformed several competitors, and as the recommended strategy comes into full bloom, the company looks to be headed to outperform competitors.