Case Study

Casinos & Destinations


Hudson Crossing helped a major gaming company restructure backend crs, PMs, Web cMs and distribution system architecture as well as a whole-sale functionality and look-and-feel redesigns of their 50+ property and portal websites. Modernized web design and content, optimized for seo and seM, while significantly enhancing systems architecture will permit enhanced functionality, product depth, and channel control.

  • Challenge

    The client had done solid work in developing a leading loyalty and CRM program. However, Web presence, direct distribution, mobile, social and personalization optimization and the e-commerce and hospitality systems had fallen behind. These limitations held the client back from desired growth, innovation and from new customer acquisition.

  • Solution

    Hudson Crossing charted the optimal path forward and led both the strategy and execution phases of this 8-figure program. The project focused on the strategic restructuring of the client's backend CRS, PMS, Web CMS, and distribution system architecture, as well as a wholesale functionality and look-and-feel redesign of the clients 50+ websites.

  • Outcome

    Efforts have modernized the Client's design and content, optimized for SEO and SEM, while significantly enhancing systems architecture. New features will include enhanced functionality (e.g. complex fare calendars; dynamic offers; up-sell/cross-sell), product depth, and channel control (i.e. mobile). New product is expected to product a significant increase in traffic and conversion.