Your Most Profitable Customer In 2020-2040: Today’s 18-23 Year Old Traveler


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The youngest generation of US online leisure travelers now coming of age – adults between the ages of 18 and 23 – account for just over 10% of US online leisure travelers (20.3 million people) and are currently worth $51 billion in leisure travel spending – a value that will swell as they mature. 18-23’s are awash in consumer technology. For example, they are 18% more likely than a typical online traveler to own a smartphone. This audience wants fun, affordable, and authentic liberation from their everyday lives. In spite of having grown up immersed in a digital world, 18-23s are not impressed with digital travel planning and booking due to digital travel experiences that trail the digital experiences offered by retailers, media, and entertainment companies. Travel planning and booking must be viewed as “fun,” incorporating gamification elements and customization.

This report incorporates data from Hudson Crossing’s Q1 2013 proprietary online survey of 5,067 US travelers and includes 12 charts as well as numerous data points throughout the report.