Merchandising Ancillary Products: Travel’s Great Untapped Opportunity


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Product Description

The sale of optional – or “ancillary” – products is a primary business focus for travel sellers, worth billions of dollars in topline revenues. In a report laced with 19 graphics and charts, and supported with extensive consumer and industry data, Hudson Crossing identifies how, in spite of ancillaries importance to their businesses, travel sellers fall short in their merchandising readiness and effectiveness. Assessing six hotel websites –,,,,, and – Hudson Crossing uncovers numerous merchandising oversights. To improve, Hudson Crossing outlines a three-step framework for better merchandising effectiveness. Successful travel sellerswill be the businesses that creatively implement technology applications inways that leapfrog the status quo and reset the bar for what is good enough in the industry.

Vendors named in this report include Adara Global, Aerospike, Axciom, Epsilon, Experian, Kana Software, Micros, Nor1, Precision Dialogue, Retailigence, Sabre,, SAP, and Teradata.