We're very familiar with the unique needs that e-commerce, travel, and technology organizations have. As previous owners and operators of leading businesses we often found ourselves teaching consultants about our businesses so they could help us. Instead, we come to you already having walked in your shoes and offer practical advisory, execution and transaction services, each comprising a number of specific practices with proven real world success:

  • Advisory

  • Execution

  • Transactions


Previous operating experience informs the strategies we suggest and the advice we provide. We loathe consultants who deliver elaborate business strategies that are impossible to execute. You’ll find our advice is always practical and direct. We encourage our clients to have us stick around to lead the execution of our proposed strategies which means we want to be accountable for ensuring the success of what we propose.


Many marketers find themselves in a position where new and bold ideas are required to stimulate growth. Our recent marketing and operating experience executing successful plans within the travel, media and technology sectors affords us the ability to present our clients with fresh ideas that have been recently market tested with success.


We’ve learned much about sales in one of the most brutally transparent markets – travel sales. Carefully crafted talking points and extravagant customer entertainment practices are no longer sufficient to prevent travel buyers from switching to new travel providers who offer marginally inferior products at substantially reduced rates. Conversely, price reductions alone can’t begin to address competitors who provide a superior experience at only moderately higher prices. To respond to this challenge, we roll up our sleeves and provide hands-on analysis and transformational services that address the strategic needs, infrastructure requirements and executional musts that will yield a practical new sales strategy that translates into real action and tangible benefits.

Product Development

We have extensive experience in gathering customer needs through methods that have proven themselves in the field over decades of practical application. We know how to talk to customers and identify what they want and what they will pay for, and inject those results into product plans that are practical to execute. We stand ready to translate the results of that knowledge into a product development process that is appropriate to your company’s context and capabilities and prioritized based on customer needs and company ROI.


Because we have a deep personal understanding of the diverse technical challenges that travel, media and technology enterprises face, you’ll find that our recommendations are practical to execute. In essence, they’ve been tempered by the real-world environment in which operators find themselves. We have personally led flagship Internet-scale tech-powered businesses and advise technology leaders ranging from leading edge startups to Fortune 50 companies. To ensure that any technical plan is successfully executed, we’ll also provide hands-on program management services along with our unique ability to translate a winning technical strategy into discrete points of action and complete deployment readiness across the entire enterprise.

User Experience

Our consultants have been at the forefront of innovations in the entire chain of User Experience, including mobile, tablet and desktop UX design, all supported by internet scale big data and scalable transactional designs for some of the world’s leading brands.

Internet Marketing Optimization

We have successfully led SEO, SMO, SEM, social graph and network amplification, internationalization and localization efforts at global brands ranging from media to entertainment to financial services. We believe the Internet is the new “town square”: Today’s world has moved beyond “being on Facebook” to innovative social media campaigns that must ring true to avoid brand poisoning via social cognitive dissonance or jarringly disconnected experiences.

Business Development

We act as your agent in the travel marketplace. Some of our actions might include developing partnerships, closing sales, and negotiating (or renegotiating) contracts with suppliers or other partners to your business. Because we’ve owned and operated businesses within the travel industry, we have an extensive network of contacts that we’ll put to work immediately on your behalf. This alone will open doors and improve speed to market. In addition, we bring our previous travel experience which will help to focus our efforts on actions that will have the highest probability of success and avoid otherwise wasted effort.


We act as your agent and negotiate (or renegotiate) contracts key to your strategies and execution goals. Decades of experience and ongoing engagement in the market give us unique insights into the value of money and into the motivations of all participants. This means we deliver faster agreements at better terms that avoid common pitfalls, and guarantee not only best prices and terms but also a basis for ongoing success and win-win relationships between clients and vendors.

Program Management

Our extensive experience operating complex leading travel, media, and technology organizations and our global network of subject matter experts means that we will hit the ground running and you won’t have to “teach” us about your business. We already get it, and that's why we are uniquely suited to step in as an extension of your executive management ranks to lead program management in critical transformational efforts where success is the only option.

Strategic Introductions

Our partners know the key players in all relevant industry segments and have years of win-win relationships that can be leveraged to put you forward in the best light possible. Allow us to help you hone your message and to get you past gatekeepers and connect you to decision makers.

Vendor Selections

Decades of experience selecting vendors in areas ranging from digital commerce to cloud computing, from custom development to packaged software and from small but strategic choices to multi-million dollar contracts allow us to guide your selection process to match your needs. Using proprietary, anonymized price-volume curves, six-sigma techniques and knowledge of your needs we can frame your options for you with unique insights and maximum alignment of capabilities, price and long term value.


When investors are contemplating a new investment they often call upon our experience as operators and managers of leading enterprises to help them properly value the size of the opportunity and highlight the inherent risks and opportunities each new investment brings. In summary, our clients rely upon our insights and market knowledge to make smart investment choices in the travel, hospitality, financial services and technology industries.

Conversely, we also help entrepreneurs crystallize their message so that potential investors quickly understand what the firm has to offer, why it’s different, and how it will be able to produce a solid ROI for investors.

Business Intelligence

Our business assessments typically encompass a 360 degree view of the organization in question, with particular emphasis on business strategy, technology, sales, marketing, product, user experience, and internet marketing optimization.
Whether for a transaction or to gather actionable competitive intelligence, such assessments often include market segmentation analyses, strategic prescriptions for growth, and other transformational advice based on proprietary market knowledge and cross-industry insights.

Due Diligence

We don’t believe that traditional “due diligence” is sufficient enough preparation for any investor looking to enter into a transaction. Traditional diligence involves trying to confirm material facts or assumptions based on what the leadership of the prospective company believes. But what if those beliefs are wrong? To understand our approach, see Business Assessment. It takes “Due Diligence” to a whole new level...

Asset Sales

Our role as industry experts provides us a unique position to understand and evaluate the asset in question:

  • We have likely been a client or had the company in question as a client in the past
  • We likely know the executives in charge – their strengths and weaknesses
  • We likely know the strength of the talent within the company
  • We understand how the company fits (or doesn’t fit) into the short-term and long-term market environment