Online Travel Agency

Hudson Crossing has advised large and mid-size OTA’s in the US, Canada, Europe, and Mexico. In one particular engagement, Hudson Crossing helped a mid-size OTA with an end-to-end strategic review, resulting in nearly 40 recommendations across the company to improve both short- and long-term performance. We were retained to help support the implementation for an additional one year period, remaining with the client over a 17-month period in total to help restructure strategy and operations.

The client realized strong real-world improvements in multiple areas, including performance marketing, call center operations, an end-to-end product management and agile transformation, key hires in product management and finance, complete website and mobile UX/UI redesign, site conversion, and IT development, QA and stress testing procedures. The client realized record EBITDA in the one year that Hudson Crossing supported the implementation process, and a 350% improvement in operating profit from core operations.