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Aerospike – A Huge Deal For Travel

Aerospike (the fastest read/write database that operates in-memory, on flash, as a hybrid and on disk as well) is now open source under the Free Software Foundation’s AGPL License, while its client software SDK became available under the Apache license.

Especially for Internet-scale applications in travel, this is a huge deal because it presents a modern open source alternative to ancient and fairly expensive tech that has powered a number of caches in legacy travel infrastructure… but also sucked the lifeblood out of many a company. At the same time, it provides hot read/write performance far exceeding open projects in common usage such as Mongo and Cassandra, often by a factor of 10 or more.

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Today’s 18-23 Year Old Traveler = Tomorrow’s Profitable Customer

Hudson Crossing’s most recent report focuses on the youngest group of US online adult leisure travelers, people between the ages of 18 and 23.


We estimate there are 20.3 million 18 to 23 year old travelers in the United States, accounting for slightly more than 10% of the market. A group who currently spends about $51 billion a year for their leisure travel, in just 10 years these travelers will account for both a significant number of your business and leisure customers and an equally significant amount of your revenue. We wrote this report to help travel organizations better understand how to appeal to 18-23s now, and gain insights into the strategies and tactics they will need to profitab...

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Travelocity Throws In The Towel, Partners With Expedia

A gnome holding a white flag

Like someone who finds themselves newly divorced and in need of getting into shape ahead of re-entering the “dating pool,” Sabre Holdings, a leading travel technology, distribution, and marketing company, has been taking steps to improve its businesses ahead of a possible IPO.  Sabre has recently Read More

Previewing Our New Research Report: “Travel’s Mobile Centric Future”

Hudson Crossing is pleased to announce that the launch of our new travel industry research subscription program. Our series of reports will incorporate both proprietary consumer studies – generally large-scale studies of 2,500 or more people – and industry executive interviews. Importantly, our research is objective and independent. Though we will conduct custom research projects for clients, we won’t engage in sponsored studies, since sponsors can influence a study’s questions and results. We’d also like to highlight that our research will only be written by full-time members of the Hudson Crossing team.


Our first research report focuses on mobile, a critically important marketing, sales and service channel for travel, and one whose importance will only increase in the future.



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Man bites dog! Business owners order servers instead of going to the cloud!

In a “man bites dog” tech story on Monday April 29th, featured a post by its regular contributor, Gene Marks, who reported a counter-intuitive trend. All of his clients who recently compared costs of server upgrades versus going to the cloud had decided to go with server upgrades.


Gene could barely contain his glee: “None of them chose the cloud. Why? Because all six of these small business owners and managers came to the same conclusion: it was just too expensive. Sorry media. Sorry tech world. But this is the truth. This is what’s happening in the world of established companies.”


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